BMW is removing touchscreen from some new cars due to chip shortage

Bottom line: BMW is removing the touchscreen from infotainment systems on some of its vehicles due to ongoing chip shortages. The affected models will still have an infotainment system, but will need to navigate through the iDrive controller located in the center console.

The news of the change first appeared on the BMW enthusiast forum Bimmerfest… According to the original poster, the following models will be affected:

  • G20 3 series
  • G22 / G23 4 Series Coupes and Convertibles
  • G26 4 Series Gran Coupe (except i4)
  • G29 Z4
  • G05 / G06 / G07 (all variants)

The poster stated that the affected models would have the option code 6UY “Touch Screen Removal” and that buyers would be required to sign a form confirming the lack of function. The $ 500 credit will also apply to all non-touch vehicles.

BMW has confirmed that the news is true. Edmunds, further informing the publication that this measure is the result of industry-wide supply chain problems affecting automakers around the world and causing restrictions on the availability of certain features or options.

Will this be an obstacle for you? Personally, I dislike touchscreens as I dislike fingerprints and smudges and am perfectly happy with controlling things with buttons or dials. On the other hand, throwing some serious money into a brand new BMW just to keep it from working the way it was designed would be painful, and I don’t think a $ 500 loan will help me sleep better at night.

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