BMW and E Ink unveil color-changing concept car at CES

In short: While companies like Qualcomm, Tesla, Ford or Hyundai are talking more about all-electric vehicles and advanced autonomous driving systems – both at CES and beyond – a BMW concept car at this year’s event will bring something completely different. If its color-changing technology turns it into real cars, it can be used for more than just flashy looks.

BMW and E Ink disclosed BMW’s iX Flow concept at CES this week, an SUV covered in E Ink Prism e-paper that allows it to change colors. E Ink, a company specializing in low power displays and electronic paper, designed Prism as a kind of wallpaper that can be programmed to display various things. BMW says it can enhance the personalization options or make the vehicle more visible under certain conditions (see below).

The IX Flow, shown at CES, can only switch between black and white, but only those two colors can improve the car’s power consumption and climate control. On hot sunny days, the car can turn white by reflecting sunlight and it is easier to stay cool. It can turn black on colder days, absorbing sunlight and heating the interior more efficiently. E Ink does not display any light – it only reflects ambient light – and only uses energy when changing color.

In related news, Qualcomm showed off the digital chassis system at CES and is partnering with BMW to leverage some of its digital chassis features starting in 2025 models.

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