Blue Box Assures PS5 Fans Of Abandoned Horror/Shooter That Hasn’t Been Canceled

In the context: Amid rumors that indie horror Abandoned has been cancelled, Dutch developer Blue Box Game Studios has tweeted that the game is still in development. Last year, Sony announced the studio’s debut game as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Rumors of the game’s cancellation began when the developers quietly removed information about it from the official Twitter account.

youtuber lance macdonald first noticed deleted tweets last week sparked rumors of the game being cancelled. In response, Blue Box posted a tweet saying the cancellation rumors were false. The developer is currently working on a presentation that will be available through the Realtime Experience app. He is also working on the “Prologue”.

“Playable Prologue is a standalone game with its own set of trophies. [sic] on PS5,” reads the FAQ on the game’s website.

The prologue is listed as “coming soon” while the full game is Planned for an unspecified 2022 release date. Its initial launch was scheduled to take place in the fourth quarter of 2021. The developers admit that they announced Abandoned too early, and because of the incredible interest, the studio wants more time to polish the game and reveal it.

When first announced, there were several confusion Abandoned was somehow connected to Silent Hill. Blue Box has dispelled this rumor by stating that it is in no way affiliated with Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima. The only other confirmed fact about the game is that it is a shooter with horror elements, but “the focus is not on horror.” Also, the name Abandoned is just a codename, not the name of a finished game.

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