Bitcoin surpasses $ 50,000 after second largest US mortgage lender reveals plans to accept cryptocurrency

What happened now? One of the reasons more and more people don’t own a cryptocurrency like bitcoin is the small number of companies that currently accept it as payment, but this is starting to change. United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the second largest mortgage lender in the US, announced that customers will be able to pay their mortgages with BTC later this year.

In the company’s second quarter earnings report last week, CEO Mat Ishbia said, “We have assessed the feasibility and hope to be the first mortgage company in America to accept cryptocurrency for mortgage payments.”

UWM has no plans to accept only bitcoins; he is also considering supporting other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. “Before we run, we are going to take a walk, but at the same time, we are definitely a leader in technology and innovation, and we always try to be the best and leaders in everything we do,” Ishbia said. Detroit Free Press… “This is the plan. Obviously, there are no guarantees – we are still working on some details. But absolutely. “

The UWM solution will be highly anticipated for cryptocurrency supporters. A recent study has shown that most cryptocurrency holders and non-holders will be interested in using it to shop online, especially if it offers benefits such as increased security, privacy, or discounts. But the second most common reason people did not buy cryptocurrency was that it was not popular enough / not accepted enough; the first was their lack of knowledge.

Bitcoin fell to its lowest price since the start of the year in July, but Bitcoin has recently rebounded, helping to increase the total value of the crypto market by more than $ 2 trillion. It hit $ 50,000 a few hours ago, no doubt thanks to the UWM announcement, the highest since May.

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