Beware of These Elden Ring Day 1 Mistakes

PSA: Elden Ring has just launched, along with a warning from Bandai Namco that it has some potentially nasty glitches it’s trying to iron out. As long as you know about them in advance, nothing will spoil your impression, hence the announcement from the publisher.

There are three of them in the PC version of Elden Ring. known bugs. First, the mouse is too sensitive “under certain conditions”. Secondly, Easy Anti-Cheat will not run if the player’s Steam account name uses 2-byte characters (eg ÐÆÇØÑ). FromSoftware developers are aware of these issues and will release a patch for them “in the near future”.

The third PC error concerns frame rates and performance. On some hardware configurations, the game may slow down and freeze at different times. Bandai Namco assures us that the development team will continuously monitor and improve the optimization for various hardware settings. In the meantime, he recommends players make sure they are using the latest graphics card drivers to ensure the best possible performance.

Another issue has been identified, but it’s specifically related to the PlayStation 5 version. This bug has the potential to break the game if you’re not aware of it, which is why the developers wanted to get ahead of it.

It appears that if the PS5 is turned off or put into standby mode during an active game session, data may not be saved correctly. Shutting down the system while a game is running is not usually harmful, but it can cause problems in some games. Idle mode, on the other hand, should save your game state so that you can continue exactly where you left off, as if the game was paused.

Bandai Namco says the developers have pinpointed the cause of this “phenomenon” and are working on a fix. In the meantime, players can avoid the error by exiting the game, which automatically saves progress. The publisher recommends doing this frequently, especially if you plan on turning off the power or going into standby mode. FromSoftware should have a patch for this problem soon.

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