Best Tablets – Update 2023

Excellent | Distinctive features
SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. 120 Hz, Super AMOLED display. S Pen included. Android updates until 2027.

Good | Most have it
Stylish design, good battery life, cameras and speakers.

Medium | Competitors could be better
Android on tablets is still in the shadow of iPadOS. Performance still can’t match Apple’s flagship. Expensive.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ has been hailed as the best Android tablet ever made, and it’s easy to see why. The Galaxy Tab S8+ uses a Super AMOLED panel that makes content look fantastic, with bright, gorgeous colors and perfect blacks that are perfect for outdoor viewing. It even has an in-screen fingerprint reader similar to those found in modern phones.

As in the phone business, Apple’s main competitor in the tablet market is Samsung (well, except for Microsoft). We chose the plus model as it has several advantages over the smaller Galaxy Tab S8 in addition to a 12.4-inch (2800 x 1752, 266ppi) 120Hz, 16:10 display.

Storage starts at 128GB and comes with a USB-Type C port, 8GB of RAM, quad speakers, and a 5G option. The front-facing camera has been bumped up to 12MP from the 8MP ultra-wide, while the ultra-wide rear has been bumped up to 6MP, along with the same 13MP in the S7 lineup. The advantage over the iPad Pro is that Samsung’s stylus comes free of charge rather than the $99 extra cost. Latency has been increased to 2.8ms from the already respectable 9ms of the previous model.

If you prefer screen size and multitasking over portability and cost, the new 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the way to go. Size aside, the advantage of the Ultra is that RAM grows with storage, up to 12GB with 256GB of internal storage and 16GB. with a 512GB storage option. It also has an additional 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera on the front. The obvious downside is the price, starting at 1100 USD for 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The Galaxy Tab S8 line features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is more powerful than the previous Snapdragon 865 but not at the same performance level as the iPad Pro’s M2 chip. Battery life remains impressive, but you’ll still have to deal with somewhat disappointing software.

Android on tablets has come a long way and you get DeX mode so compatible apps work on windowed versions, but iPadOS stays better. The real upgrade in terms of software is the promise of OS upgrades through 2027. But if you’re looking for a premium Android tablet, the Galaxy S8+ is a stylish device with an unrivaled screen.

One step down: older or smaller?

If you want to save money, the Galaxy Tab S7+ can be purchased at 500 dollars for the base model with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM and will receive Android updates until 2024.

However, we think the base Tab S8 will best buy in the long run, with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, software updates through 2027, and 8GB of RAM even in the cheapest 128GB version. The more traditional 11-inch LCD still looks great at 2560 x 1600 and has the same 12MP ultra-wide-angle front camera as the S8+.

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