Best processors: performance and gaming

The flagship offerings of the current generation consist of Ryzen 9 7900X, 7950X and Core i9-13900K processors. As for AMD, the 7950X offers a better price of $44 per core versus the $46 per core of the 7900X. You should buy the 7900X over the 7700X just for the performance, and if you think time is money, then the best value for money 7950X is the obvious choice.

We’ll say it again. If you’re just a gamer, the more affordable 7700X is a better choice than the 7900X or 7950X, as single CCD processors offer lower inter-core latency. The 7900X and 7950X are primarily high performance processors that you would only prefer the 7700X if you are focused on work or work and play, and if work is on the agenda then the 7950X makes the most sense.

As far as Intel is concerned, the Core i9-13900K is a beast, literally a beast, when it comes to power consumption, drawing significantly more power than the 7950X at a similar level of performance. In our opinion, the 7950X is the best performing CPU, to match or outperform the 13900K to deal with more cores.

However, for gaming, the 13900K is king – it’s not much faster, averaging just 3% faster according to our own tests, but there are instances where the Core i9 is about 20% faster and that could make a big difference in a competitive environment. . gamers.

A good quality AMD B650 board can be purchased for around $200, while G.Skill’s Trident Z5 DDR5-6000 CL36 32GB memory can be purchased for $205, bringing the combination to $805.

Meanwhile, 13900K costs 620 dollars and you’ll want to spend at least $200 on a Z690 motherboard to avoid VRM throttling, add the same G.Skill DDR5 memory and the combination is $1005. That’s a pretty big 25% premium for similar gaming performance. The Core i9 was about 2.5% faster on average at 1440p with the RTX 4090 in our testing.

If you don’t want the fastest gaming experience, there’s no point in investing in the Core i9-13900K. For performance we would go since 7950X and for gaming, the less expensive 7700X and 13700K are better suited.

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