Best 1440p Gaming Monitors: Early 2022

If you want a truly high-end 1440p gaming monitor in 2022, the place for it is the 240Hz range, where high refresh rate gaming is within reach. The 240Hz refresh gives you the ability to play competitive games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS:GO with very low latency and smooth gameplay, and enjoy single-player games at decent resolutions and ultra-quality settings, but at a lower update frequency. indicator. If you choose the right product, you will end up with something very promising as GPU power continues to rise.

There are several ways in this market segment, so we’ll start with the best monitor you can get.

The Asus ROG Swift PG279QM is a 27″ 1440p 240Hz IPS monitor that meets almost any requirement and delivers high performance in all areas. It’s very fast. Averaged across the refresh range, this is the fastest 1440p IPS monitor we’ve tested based on cumulative deviation, which measures the balance between response time and overshoot.

The PG279QM is so well balanced that it has minimal overshoot artifacts at all refresh rates, and the benefits of variable overdrive keep performance at peak levels at all times. It does have one overdrive mode and I was very impressed with its overall dynamics.

Asus is also versatile as the PG279QM has outstanding color reproduction. It’s a very wide gamut monitor with wide DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB coverage, and it’s elite factory calibrated, including one of the best sRGB modes we’ve tested. If you just want a monitor that looks great and performs at its best right out of the box, the PG279QM is the way to go.

In terms of hardware, we haven’t tested anything better, but luxury comes at a price: $900, that’s an expensive 1440p monitor in 2022 as we’ve seen a steady drop in 240Hz prices over the last year or so. But if you really want the best, you will have to pay for it.

More 240Hz options available

If you’re looking for something that’s more value for money while still providing great performance, there are several ways. For an IPS monitor most similar to the PG279QM, we recommend checking out Acer Predator XB273U GX. That’s $250 cheaper than the Asus model with essentially the same panel. It lacks some Asus features and performance – it doesn’t have variable overdrive, for example – so response characteristics aren’t as good, and factory calibration isn’t as accurate or impressive.

But if you’re not looking for the absolute best in every area, then Acer offers the best value for money, and many buyers should consider it the next best option. I would also prefer the Acer Predator over most other IPS alternatives such as the Alienware AW2721D and Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q-X, which are either more expensive, perform worse, or both.

Another good option is the Samsung Odyssey G7. Prices have come down recently and we’ve seen them sell for as little as $550. The 27-inch 1440p 240Hz VA model is a great deal at this price point.

The main reason to get the Odyssey G7 is that you need speed. This monitor has great dynamic performance, is faster and slightly crisper than its IPS competitors, without the typical VA issues like dark level smearing. It also has a much higher contrast ratio with deeper blacks, which is a key benefit and crucial if you plan on playing games in a dark room.

However, to achieve such a high level of performance, trade-offs must be made in other areas. Overall color perception is not as good or as versatile as an IPS monitor. Color gamut isn’t as wide, viewing angles are worse, and the aggressive 1000R curvature isn’t ideal for content creation.

Samsung has also had quality control issues with these monitors that should be considered. But it’s still a solid monitor for real gamers.

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