Because VCs are obsessed with the No Poparazzi Photo-Selfie App

  • Poparazzi is the buzzy new photo-sharing app, debuting Monday on top of the classics in the US App Store.
  • Instead of sending photos of themselves, users take pictures of their friends.
  • The VCs are furious, calling the platform “brilliant” and predicting it will define summer.
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Some things are inevitable: The sun will set, the tides will change, and a new social application of consumers will captivate business capitalists.

U Poparazzi photo sharing app launched on Monday and flew to the top of the U.S. App Store chart, beating Gen Z and venture capitalists.

“Things have been pretty frantic the last 24 hours,” the app’s developer, Alex Ma, told Insider by email. “Trying just to stop our servants from melting away!”

The app, created by Ma and her brother Austen, encourages you to become “your friend’s puppets” instead of posting photos of yourself. The app is committed to “making social media less self-centered, and more about the people we care about,” his the developers told Protocol.

Instead of a perfectly curated Instagram grid, a user’s profile consists of unpublished photos that others have taken. Poparazzi also run away from traditional social media metrics: There are no followers or likes, only total “views” on a user’s photos and the number of emoji reactions to their posts.

The app was created by TTYL, a company run by the Ma brothers. TTYL previously raised $ 2 million in 2018 in a round led by Floodgate Capital, according to Crunchbase.

After Poparazzi’s splashy debut, the brothers have the business world buzzing. Weekend Fund investor Ryan Hoover (who was photographed on the app leaning against the pools and holding various dogs) he tweeted that his company he was an investor and considered the app to be “brilliant”. Josh Constine of SignalFire called him “the perfect app for Hot Vax Summer,” writing that “exalting your team is so much more fun than self-glorifying.”

Chris Paik, a general partner at Pace Capital, also received his praise, make a bold statement: “Call now: SOUR + Poparazzi will define summer 21”.

He added that Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, “Sour,” and Poparazzi have debuted at No. 1 on their respective charts. Another key similarity? Both are distinct Gen Z.

The on-board video of the Poparazzi flashes into photos of young people playing beer bong, tailgating and sipping smoothies. Also Ann Miura-Ko, whose company Floodgate Capital has invested in TTYL, he said on Twitter, “I’m too old to understand and they told me if I used it I wouldn’t do it fresh.”

Meagan Loyst, investor in Lerer Hippeau and u founder of Gen Z VCs, she received several texts last night from friends of Gen Z who told her she needed to download the app She told Insider that she understood the hype.

“It’s like seeing your world through the eyes of your friends, that feels special,” Loyst said.

Gaby Goldberg, a Gen Z venture capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners, said the app was perfect for the younger generation.

“Gen Z has a hunger for authenticity, and that’s what Poparazzi offers,” Goldberg told Insider. “There’s not even a front camera, so there’s no selfie allowed.”

Expectations for the Poparazzi are certainly high, and the founders seem determined to create an authentic selfie-free experience.

They also explained it in and community guidelines: “Only good vibration.”

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