Battlefield 2042 is one of the lowest rated Steam games of all time

Facepalm: Remember when we all looked forward to GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and Battlefield 2042? Those stormy days seem far away now; We all know about Rockstar game issues and the latest version of Battlefield has become one of the highest rated games on Steam of all time.

Forbes noticed an unwanted Battlefield 2042 add-on to Steam250 Hall of Shamewhich lists the games with the worst ratings on the platform according to users’ opinions. At the time of writing, DICE’s multiplayer shooter was ninth on the list (it was eighth) and only about 25% of people thought it deserved a positive vote.

Battlefield 2042 has more user reviews than any other game on the Steam250 failure list. Of the nearly 36,000 reviews, less than 10,000 were positive, giving it a “mostly negative” rating.

Why is there so much hate? There are a number of reasons: crashes, server problems, poor performance, broken machines, stray bullets, and more. There are also complaints about the lack of features like single player campaign, server browser, class based system, scoreboard, in-game profile, statistics page, scalable maps, different game modes, etc.

DICE has already released one patch to try and fix some of the BF2042 issues, with two more updates due in the next month or so. Whether there will be enough to appease angry fans remains to be seen.

DICE can take comfort in the fact that Battlefield 2042 Metascore user rating 2.3 is still better than 0.5 – the worst site ever – that GTA: The Trilogy has earned. In the meantime, BF2042 still ranks better on Steam than the number one worst game for the platform: the excruciatingly bad eFootball 2022.

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