Battlefield 2042 autopsy blames poorly received launch on remote work (and Halo)

Cutting corners: This week, EA and DICE have been very candid about their failures to launch Battlefield 2042 last year. However, even in this admission, much of the blame is placed on external factors, including the pandemic and the launch of a rival game.

Xfire reveals EA COO Laura Miele performed an autopsy discussion in Battlefield 2042 during a teleconference at the town hall. In a 20-minute keynote, she spoke about the challenges EA and DICE faced, resulting in the game becoming one of the most unpopular in Steam history.

Hundreds of thousands of BF2042 buyers have signed a petition asking for a full refund from EA.

From day one the players complained about numerous bugs and a long list of missing features compared to previous Battlefield games, such as server browsers, VOIP, persistent lobbies, and more.

Mile said that one of the problems with the development of BF2042 is that DICE had to heavily rework Frostbite, calling it a brand new engine. Xfire notes that this rebuild took a year and a half, which may have taken time to develop other features.

The move to work from home midway through development due to the global pandemic has also brought unexpected challenges. However, Miele also stated that after they started making some progress on fixing bugs after last summer’s beta, Microsoft released Halo Infinite in a much more polished state, making the latest Battlefield look bad.

From now on, EA plans to continue to work on improving the game. Due to this, the company delayed the release of the first season until the summer.

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