Asterisk is a tiny portable gaming system designed to play Tetris.

Big picture: Portable video games like those from Tiger Electronics were a staple of 80s and 90s culture. Most featured licensed versions of popular franchises such as Sonic or Castlevania, but in particular used inexpensive components and very simple gameplay to keep costs down. It’s the same formula as in Asterisk, a tiny handheld device designed specifically for “a falling block puzzle game (Tetris clone) that comes pre-installed.

contraption powered by ATtiny85 microchip and has a 0.91-inch OLED screen. There are four soft buttons on the sides of the screen (two on each side), and they are all powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery.

A small power switch is located on the bottom edge of the PDA. The whole thing is just 1.58 inches wide. The handheld’s maker says that your high score is saved when you finish the game, but if you turn off the power before completion, your score won’t be saved.

systems Arduino source code has also been made available to anyone who wants to take a closer look.

Star costs $20 more than on Tindie, although it is currently out of stock and has been on sale since July 22nd. Interested parties can submit an email address to join the restocking waiting list.

Salesman, Ampersandhas several other deals available on Tindie including $60 Espresso set build a pocket computer that is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards and a $49 kit to build a portable computer with 3.2 inch screen it is suitable for retro games.

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