Arrests made by British police as part of an investigation into a hacker group

What happened now? London police recently arrested seven people linked to the hacker group. Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan of the City of London Police said seven people aged 16 to 21 were arrested in connection with the investigation into the hacking group. Since then, they have all been released under investigation, O’Sullivan said, adding that their investigations are ongoing.

Report from BBC claims that it is about the Lapsus$ group. It is not clear if one of the teenagers arrested and released was the alleged 16-year-old mastermind mentioned in an earlier Bloomberg report.

The BBC report also mentions a 16-year-old from Oxford. The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to have autism and attend a special school.

The boy’s father said he hadn’t heard anything about it until recently. “He never talked about hacking, but he is very computer savvy and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games.”

The BBC claims the hacker was exposed after an argument with a business partner. Allison Nixon, chief scientist at cybersecurity research firm Unit 221B, says they have known his identity since the middle of last year.

“Unit 221B works with [cyber-security company] Palo Alto, after identifying the actor, monitored his exploits throughout 2021, periodically sending information to law enforcement about the latest crimes, ”Nixon said.

The security researcher said the hacker was unable to cover his tracks online, making it easier to trace his activities.

Lapsus$ in a Telegram message on Wednesday revealed that some of its members are on vacation until March 30. We can be silent for a while. Thank you for understanding us – we will try to leak information as soon as possible.

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