Arma Reforger – $30 Arma 4 Trial Run Now Available

What just happened? As Arma 3 approaches its ninth birthday, Bohemia Interactive has finally unveiled the next step for its military shooter sim franchise. Arma Reforger will serve as a proving ground for players and modders to acclimate as the company overhauls the technology behind the game.

Arma Reforger is In stock Now in Early Access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview for $30 with a free trial on Xbox. Bohemia Interactive didn’t mention the PlayStation, but a leak last week revealed that the company plans to eventually support Sony’s platform. Reforger currently contains three multiplayer modes, mod support, and a recreation of the map from the original Operation Flashpoint.

In Conflict and Capture and Hold modes, teams of players oppose each other to capture control points. The Game Master mode allows one player to edit and create missions for others. Reforger allows PC players to create and distribute mods exclusively in-game for PC and Xbox players.

Bohemia describes the early access version as a “master package” from which it can collect feedback while Arma 4 begins active development. The company expects Reforger’s early access period to last about a year, during which it plans three significant content updates.

Bohemia is developing Reforger and Arma 4 on its new Enfusion engine, which was unveiled last December. The new technology replaces the Real Virtuality engine that the company has been using for Operation Flashpoint, Arma and DayZ games since the 1990s. Bohemia knows that rebuilding everything in a new engine will be long and difficult, but it should give many game elements a much-needed update.

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