Are Humans the Evil Species in the Universe?

Melinda Snodgrass got the idea for her science fiction novel The High Ground when he began to think about how terrible human beings can be.

“I had a sudden vision of this nine-meter-old alien creature with jaws and claws – just a scary, horrible creature,” says Snodgrass in Episode 370 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And he was hiding in absolute terror from a little human holding a machine gun. And I have to think about humanity and our tendency to be really bad, it means monsters. ”

The novel takes place in a universe where a human empire called the Solar League has subdued five alien species, now living as second-class servants and citizens. Snodgrass thinks this is a fairly plausible first-contact scenario.

“If we invent a disk faster than light, we go into the universe, and we meet other aliens, I’m convinced that the first thing we’re going to do is take away the holy shit,” he says. “So instead of us always fighting against the invading allies, us I know the invading aliens “.

She also believes that any moral progress that men have made is much slower than people realize, and that women’s rights could quickly fade if fertility becomes a priority, as is the case in the League. Solar. “When you go out into space and colonize planets, you end up on a planet that isn’t a golden lock planet – a world very similar to Earth – where there’s a harsh environment, the thing that becomes a valuable product is your ability to support the population, ”she says. “So, in the years that followed, women found themselves in a much more traditional role.”

All this creates a lot of conflict for her character Mercedes de Arango, one of the first women to participate in the elite military academy of the Solar League. It’s a situation Snodgrass can refer to, having once been the only female lawyer in his law firm.

“I literally had a bunch of male lawyers from this big office building running downstairs, and I heard them shout,‘ We hear Charlie is hiring a girl. Where is the girl? ‘»Says Snodgrass. “And they all came and looked at me in my office like a creature in a zoo. It was very strange. “

Listen to the full interview with Melinda Snodgrass in Episode 370 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some highlights from the discussion below.

Melinda Snodgrass on her father:

“My father was just fantastic, he was the center of my life. I loved him so much, and he gave me every opportunity – to study opera in Europe, to ride a horse, when I was 16 he sat me down and said, “We have opened a checking account. and you have to manage. ” and always and always. At the time of his death, he ran a small natural gas and oil company, and now he actually runs the company. I took it in 2002, and have cared for it ever since. So I have this sense of history with being the apparent heir — or the apparent heir — to a company. … It’s weird though, because sometimes my dad would cry. I had a half-brother, who was much older than me, and my father would sometimes say, “My other son, John.” And then people like it Senator Montoya, who was eating with us that day, laughed and said, ‘Wait a minute, what is it?’ “

Melinda Snodgrass on Roger Zelazny:

“Roger and I have been very close for the last two years of our lives. If he joined our group of games, he would come to have dinner at our house many, many evenings. He was just the most charming, kind person I have ever met. … When he had just started writing, this literary agent he had – that was him too Victor Milanuand Bob Vardeman‘agent – we were all at this dinner, at the local science-fiction convention, and he said,’ You have to change your name. ‘ And Roger immediately said, ‘No. No he doesn’t. He said, ‘Look at my name. Even though I’m on the bottom shelf in every bookstore, no one forgets my name. ‘And he turned to me and said,’ Don’t change your name, because no one will ever forget it. ‘ And I kept it. ”

Melinda Snodgrass on the Jean Cocteau Cinema:

“[George R.R. Martin] it has probably transformed it into the best independent science fiction library in the Southwest. Because in addition to the small cinema, there’s a bar – they have a liquor license – and then there are concessions, and it has artists coming in and hanging out their art for a few weeks, so you can see various Santa Fe artists, and it has all our books. And when they don’t make movies, it will have events. Connie Willis she’ll drop by, and I’ll do an interview, and then she’ll sign later. … So you can go buy some books, and make a White Walker Cocktail while you’re at it, watch an independent movie, and when George is in town you’ll often find him here, sitting in his armchair by the side of the road, in the evening, for visiting with people ”.

Melinda Snodgrass on Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back:

“I was in this legal office, and I hate it. I can get to work in the morning, close my door, cry for about 15 minutes, and then gain control of myself and continue with the work. … [Victor Milan and I] went to see The Empire opposes, and we get on stage with Yoda and Luke, and Luke says, ‘I’ll try,’ and Yoda says, ‘Do it or not. There’s no proof.’ And for some reason it was like lightning for me, and I was such as, “I can spend the rest of my life in this law firm, and in a few years maybe I’ll have the big office and terrorize some young people associated with the way I’m terrified, or I can try to trace my own life. “Do it or not, there is no proof.” So I went to the office the next morning, I wrote a letter of resignation, I packed my plants and my diplomas, I put it on my boss’s desk, and I left. ”

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