Apple’s mixed reality headset, which is facing design issues, could reportedly be delayed until 2023.

bottom line: Apple’s 2022 product line may not be as solid as originally thought. Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Apple originally planned to unveil its mixed reality headset in 2021 and release it this year after having been working on the project since 2015. However, that didn’t work, so Apple reportedly regrouped and decided to announce the headset at this year’s WWDC in June. Development issues could force Apple to push the headset even further.

Those familiar with the company’s plans say that Apple is facing problems with the device’s camera and software. Overheat This is another problem, and one of the two main wearable processors is thought to be at fault.

The chips needed to power the headset are said to be high-end components like those commonly found in laptops. As you can imagine, cramming them into something designed to be worn on the head can create some engineering challenges.

Earlier prototypes were reported to work around temperature issues by using an external processing device that wirelessly transmitted data to the headset, but sources said former Apple chief designer Jony Ive disliked the extra hardware and rejected the idea.

Apple’s first model is expected to be an expensive niche product with a potential price in excess of $2,000. The idea is to use it to build a robust app ecosystem – hence the desire to promote it at WWDC – before targeting a wider audience with future supposedly more affordable products.

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