Apple’s iPhone 15 enters trial production phase

In a nutshell: iPhone maker Foxconn has reportedly begun production of the next version of Apple’s smartphone. Economic Daily News was the first to report on the development, noting that the iPhone 15 had entered what is known as the New Product Introduction Phase, or NPI. At this point, Foxconn will use its production line to assemble iPhones exactly as they would be created during mass production.

The move gives both Apple and Foxconn the chance to make sure everything is running smoothly and also allows them to identify and implement tweaks that can improve efficiency, increase yields, or lower production costs.

Some pre-production models are probably already assembled, but most likely they were hand-assembled in small numbers.

Publication next notes that Apple’s manufacturing process will be slightly different this year as mass production will begin in China and India just a few weeks apart. In previous years, production was carried out at intervals of several months.

Most expect the Apple iPhone 15 family to reflect what we saw in its latest release. If true, we could be considering the standard iPhone 15, as well as the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra. This could also be the last year for the iPhone Plus as it reportedly doesn’t sell as well as Apple had hoped. Another recent rumor suggests that Apple is delaying or canceling the iPhone SE 4.

Apple’s more expensive iPhone 15 models are also expected to get the new chip. SoC A17 It is believed that they are built on a 3-nm process technology. TSMC claims that their 3nm process provides up to a 70% increase in logic density, a 15% increase in speed, and a 30% reduction in power consumption. In the iPhone 15, this will result in a faster phone with longer battery life and maybe a little more room for extra hardware (or maybe even a bigger battery).

The Apple iPhone 15 family is expected to debut in mid-September.

Image credit: David Svikhovets, Milad Fakourian

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