Apple Watch Ultra is a diver’s dream

In short: There were a lot of rumors that preceded the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 8. The central theme of almost all of them was the prefix Pro to the title. It would seem that every bit of information leaked about Cupertino’s latest wearables was listed as “Apple Watch Pro”, which got us thinking; Will there be a standard Apple Watch this year?

Apple unveiled the Watch Series 8 at the “Far Out” keynote on Wednesday. The good news is that there is a standard version. The more affordable SE model also returns this year. The bad news is that there was no Pro model in sight. Well, that’s because Apple decided to get everyone excited and call it the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t a giant leap forward from the Series 7. The most notable features are a pair of extra sensors to measure body temperature and blood oxygen (SpO2) levels. It also has an upgraded gyroscope and accelerometer that can detect serious car accidents and call emergency services automatically.

The screen is crack resistant, and Apple says it has increased the size of the display by reducing bezels. So while the Series 8 has the same body size as last year, the screen is slightly larger. The more exciting aspect is the always-on display. This feature is welcome for those who like to check the time at a glance. We thought we’d get it last year, but apparently it needed a little more time in R&D.

Series 8 battery life is about the same as last year’s model (18 hours), but watchOS 9 will have a low power mode that allows it to last up to 36 hours on a full charge. This feature negates most of the features that distinguish the Seris 8, such as turning off the always-on screen and closing background applications.

As always, Apple has come up with new faces and complications for the newest Apple Watch, which will be released on September 16th. Pre-orders are available starting today starting at $399 for the 41mm Wi-Fi only model and $499 for the Wi-Fi only model. Internet/cellular connection. If you like the larger 45mm case, up those prices by $30.

The SE version of the Apple Watch is Cupertino’s budget brand. It’s essentially the same as the standard Series 8, but it omits the always-on display. It is also one millimeter smaller than its counterparts (40mm and 44mm).

However, it has the core features of the Series 8, including the hardware. So compared to last year’s model, the SE has a 30 percent larger screen (again, thanks to a smaller bezel) and 30 percent faster.

Pre-orders are available today starting at $249 and $299 for Wi-Fi-only and GPS-only models, respectively. It’s also a $30 increase for the larger version.


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