Apple ordered to stop selling iPhones without chargers in Brazil

Editor’s opinion: Perhaps a good compromise would be the ability to buy phones with or without a wall charger. Some consumers may prefer the included third-party charger that supports the phone’s maximum charging speed, as most brands opt for proprietary fast charging technologies over USB-PD. Other people may decide they have enough chargers filling their drawers and can save a few bucks by purchasing a single charger without a charger, helping the environment in the process.

Brazilian government ordered Apple has stopped selling the iPhone without the included charger in the country, alleging that the company is delivering an incomplete product to consumers. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security also fined the Cupertino-based firm 12,275,500 reais (about $2.34 million).

Apple started shipping phones without chargers two years ago, starting with the iPhone 12. Currently, all phones still sold on its site only include a USB-C to Lightning cable (no AC adapter), including the iPhone series 13, the latest iPhone SE, and even the older iPhone 11 line.

The company has defended the practice, citing environmental concerns, saying it significantly reduces e-waste. The National Secretariat for Consumer Protection (Senacon) didn’t convince that argument, saying that Apple could take other steps to reduce its environmental impact, such as replacing the iPhone’s own Lightning port with USB-C.

Apple has already encountered problems in Brazil due to the lack of wall chargers in the box. Last year, the local consumer protection agency in São Paulo fined the company 10.5 million reais ($1.9 million at the time). Meanwhile, in April, a civil court judge ruled that the firm must pay a Brazilian buyer more than $1,000 for not including the accessory in the box. The country also announced a proposal to make USB-C mandatory on all new phones from July 1, 2024.

It’s worth noting that Apple isn’t the only phone maker to practice this practice. A couple of years ago, Samsung stopped shipping chargers with some of its phones, including flagships like the S22 Ultra or the Z Fold 4.

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