Apple is reportedly working on a hardware subscription for the iPhone

What happened now? Apple is said to be developing a hardware subscription service that will give customers access to devices like the iPhone and other gadgets in exchange for a monthly fee. The tech giant is already running an iPhone Upgrade Program, a similar service where customers can upgrade to a new iPhone after making 12-month payments. Presumably, the new offering could include other hardware such as headphones, Apple Watch or iPad, or bundled services such as AppleCare and Apple One.

Bloomberg described subscription service as Apple’s biggest push into auto-recurring sales to date. The program is actively developing, but there is no talk of other features.

This service can make Apple products available to more buyers, especially those with lower incomes who can’t afford to buy Apple devices directly, or those who don’t have a good enough credit history to qualify for financing or credit. . Apple Card.

We also don’t know how the service will affect the dynamic between Apple and wireless carriers. Can telecom operators lose money if they are taken out of the procurement cycle?

Other variables that can make a service interesting include: AppleCare as well as Apple One. Combining both products with a discounted hardware subscription service can make each individual product more attractive.

Would you be interested in such a subscription service, or are you happy with the purchase options currently available? The new hardware subscription service could be launched by the end of this year or sometime in 2023.

Image credit Drew Coffman, David Svikhovets

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