Apple Introduces 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 SoC and Claims 40% Performance Boost

TLDR: Apple unveiled its next generation M2 chip at this year’s WWDC, and the first products to receive the new chip were the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Both laptops will start shipping next month.

Apple’s smallest MacBook Pro is also the most popular due to its superior portability. it weighs less than a third of a pound more than the MacBook Air, and the footprint is only slightly larger. So users get the portability of an Air with the performance of a Pro. Incidentally, Apple hasn’t gotten rid of the TouchBar as some have predicted.

M2 chip does MacBook Pro 13 more powerful than ever. The 8-core M2 CPU and 10-core GPU are even more power efficient than the M1, delivering Pro performance with longer battery life. Apple claims that working with RAW images is almost 40 percent faster than with the M1 and 3.4 times faster than with the Intel MacBook Pro.

Unlike the M2 MacBook Air, the Pro has an active cooling system perfect for some of the latest video games. Graphics-intensive games like Baldur’s Gate 3 or Resident Evil VIII: Village run smoothly thanks to two additional GPU cores. Apple claims the same performance boost when running games as when working with images.

The new MacBook Pro is also getting a memory upgrade. The M2 offers up to 25GB of unified memory – up from 16GB with the M1 – and 50 percent more bandwidth. The M2 media engine also supports ProRes encoding/decoding, capable of handling up to 11 4K video streams and two 8K video streams. Converting to ProRes is also three times faster. Apple claims that the M2’s outstanding energy efficiency allows for up to 20 hours of battery life during video playback.

13″ MacBook Pro M2 starts for $1,299 and comes with 8GB of combined storage and a 256GB SSD. A fully loaded system that includes 25GB of memory and a 2TB SSD will cost users $2,499.

Apple did not give a specific release date, saying only that the M2 MacBook 13 will go on sale next month. Its product page allows users tune and save the configuration when sales kick off, but there’s no word yet on whether Apple will offer pre-orders.

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