Apple dominates as tablet shipments rise 4.2%, but sales are forecast to slow.

The big picture: Like many other technology products and services, tablet sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic. As always, Apple remains the market leader, supplying more tablets than runner-up Samsung and third place combined.

According to analyst firm IDCApple shipped 12.9 million tablets in the second quarter of 2021, up 3.5% from a year earlier. This is in line with CEO Tim Cook’s recent announcement that the iPad experienced its most successful quarter in a decade.

Apple now holds 31.9% of the tablet market. Meanwhile, the second-largest Samsung company made 8 million shipments with a 19.6% share. The Korean giant’s growth jumped 13.3% YoY, but the biggest gains came from Lenovo, which ranks third. Its 4.7 million shipments represent a significant 64.5% YoY growth.

With its budget lineup, which includes our favorite low-cost offering, the Fire HD 10, Amazon also had a good quarter. Its 4.3 million shipments represent an increase of 20.3% YoY.

The only company out of the top five to show a decline was Huawei, whose tablet shipments fell to 2.1 million. This is 53.7% lower than in the same period a year earlier, as a result of US sanctions that remain in place against the Chinese company.

Overall, global tablet shipments for Q2 21 rose 4.2% to 40.5 million, while Chromebook shipments, led by HP, rose 68.6% to 12.3 million. But IDC warns that declining demand, coupled with chip shortages, means a potential slowdown in sales for both categories.

In other tablet news, we recently saw details about the Nokia T20 from HMD Global, a budget tablet that could challenge the cheaper offerings of Amazon and Samsung. Elsewhere, the iPad Mini appears to be getting its biggest redesign this fall.

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