App crash stranded Tesla owners unable to start their cars

What happened now? Tesla owners around the world were unable to connect to their vehicles via a mobile app on Friday. Mobile app crashes were initially reported in the US and Canada, but quickly spread around the world to other owners in the company’s European and Asian markets. The failure occurred immediately after updating the company’s mobile app, although no connection has been found between the two at this time.

The Tesla app gives owners the ability to start their vehicle, access various vehicle controls, schedule maintenance or assistance, and manage vehicle charging. Any inability to access the application could result in serious inconvenience, potentially leaving the untrained owner stranded until the connection is reestablished. Tesla owners can also carry their vehicle key card or key fob to access the vehicle at any time, regardless of the app status.

According to report from Electrek, the connectivity issue continued to gain traction on Friday afternoon. Twitter user and EV reporter from Seoul, South Korea, @hohochoTesla and Musk tweeted directly about the error message they received while trying to connect to their car:

After several hundred likes and retweets, Cho received an answer directly from Elon Musk, who personally dealt with the issue. Tesla’s CEO immediately responded, saying the company has identified the root cause of the problem and is restoring functionality.

In addition to the car key card / key fob, Tesla owners can plan ahead for the unavailability of these types of apps by making sure their phone can still be used as a key via the car’s Bluetooth connection.

This event is not the first time Tesla owners have faced an issue affecting access to their app and vehicles. In September 2020, the company’s internal and external servers were shut down for several hours, interfering with everything from order fulfillment to vehicle access.

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