Analogue releases the latest batch of its SNES and Genesis clones

In a nutshell: Retro gaming hardware maker Analogue has announced the latest batch of its popular Super Nt and Mega Sg consoles. Super Nt and Mega Sg are aftermarket versions of the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) entertainment system, respectively. These reimagined consoles are built using FPGA, which means no emulation and no latency. Both output 1080p quality via HDMI and support 16-bit 48kHz audio.

The machines are compatible with original game cartridges and accessories, as well as wireless controllers from 8Bitdo. Mega sergeant additionally compatible with Sega CD via edge connector, but not 32X as it uses a patch cable to connect to the original console.

Analog Super Nt Classic, SF (Super Famicom color scheme), and Super Nt Black will be available for pre-order starting October 28 for $199.99. Unfortunately, the earlier transparent version is no longer available.

Analogue’s Mega Sg (US, Japan, and Europe version) will also be available for pre-order on October 28 for $199.99 each. The all white version, like the clear Super Nt, has also been discontinued.

Interested parties can sign up for promotional notices on the Analogue website. However, be prepared for a long wait as Analogue does not plan to ship the final batch of consoles until Q4 2023, assuming there are no unforeseen delays.

In related news, Analogue said 95 percent of pre-orders for its handhelds will ship before the end of 2022. We have been informed that all other orders will be shipped as soon as possible in 2023. Those with pending pre-orders can check the progress status on the order status page linked to the confirmation emails.

In the meantime, the Pocket Cartridge Adapter package will be available for pre-order starting October 21st. Three adapters are included to support TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx cartridges. It will cost $99.99 and is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of next year.

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