AMD Radeon RX 6000 price reported to rise by 10%

Rumor mill: Are you tired of such expensive video cards? Unfortunately for fans of AMD’s latest products, it looks like the Radeon RX 6000 series could get even more expensive soon after the company raised the price of its GPUs by 10% for board partners, according to a new report.

VideoCardz writes that the news of the price increase was posted on the Board Channels forums. It says a 10% increase means a $ 20-40 jump in spending for board partners. It will be rolled out in the next GPU shipment, and consumers will be able to see the impact on retail devices in as little as a week or two.

It is worth noting that prices were always expected to rise as a result of increased demand driven by the holiday season. And given how high they are already, end users may not even see the effect of AMD’s extra 10% charge.

For the price hike, AMD blames TSMC for cost increases, although no other AMD products using the same 7nm node, such as the Ryzen 5000 series, have been hit so far.

The latest state of the art graphics card market report shows that the latest RDNA 2 / Ampere series from AMD and Nvidia are selling for about double their MSRP one year after their initial release. Although in the chart below, the average price of the Radeon RX 6000 series dropped from 101% above the MSRP to 90%, this is because retailers (in Germany and Austria) received shipments of non-XT RX 6800 cards, which lowered the average price of the entire rulers. …

Even the used market is suffering. Our own eBay card research shows that Radeon RX 6000 cards rose 9% in value between October and November, while the RTX 3000 lineup rose 6% over the same period. Older generations are also getting more expensive at auction: Nvidia series 20 (+ 6%), 16 series (+ 5%) and 10 (+ 7%), as well as AMD Radeon 5000 series (9%) got more expensive in the last month.

Component shortages and the associated graphics card crisis have also led some hardware manufacturers to sell off-the-shelf gaming PCs without graphics cards, including this one from NZXT, which uses AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600G APUs.

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