AMD occupied nearly a quarter of the x86 processor market in the third quarter, the largest share since 2006.

In short: Not that AMD needs any more good news, but here are some: The company has achieved the largest share of the x86 processor market in fifteen years and the second largest share in history. Meanwhile, Team Red’s share of the x86 laptop market has reached a new all-time high.

Mercury Research 3Q2021 x86 Processor Market Share Report HardwareTimes) would be a welcome read for AMD. The biggest indicator is that the company increased its total x86 processor share by 2.1 points from the previous quarter to 24.6%.

This last figure is AMD’s second highest total share in history. That’s just 0.7% of the company’s record 25.3% back in 2006, in the era of the Athlon 64 processor.

Even better news in the x86 laptop category. AMD’s non-IoT business share rose 1.8 points year-over-year, hitting a record 22%. Revenue in this section also posted a quarterly record, increasing 3.9 points YoY to 16.2%.

AMD’s continued success in the processor market is also reflected in the latest Steam review. The company has been lagging behind Intel for a long time, aside from a small bug in August. Its processors are now in 30.84% ​​of participants’ computers, which is another record for the company.

AMD has been on the rise since the introduction of its Ryzen processors in 2018, and its latest Ryzen 5000 processors are loved by gamers, professionals and creators alike – it’s just a shame they’re lacking now, as is the case with so much PC hardware. But with Alder Lake just launching, will AMD’s growth slow down?

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