AMD may be working on a separate Navi 3X GPU with 16,384 stream processors

Rumor mill: The expected launch of the first AMD RDNA 3 cards is still a few months away, and the rumors around them are intensifying. Lickers are now saying that the Navi 31 GPU will have fewer stream processors than previously expected, suggesting that another full-featured Navi 3X GPU will arrive in 2023, which won’t necessarily be a gaming product.

AMD is expected to release the first Radeon RX 7000 series graphics card sometime in October or November, but there are conflicting rumors about the exact specs of the new card.

Official information about the architecture of RDNA 3 is also limited. AMD says its future GPUs will have a 50 percent performance-per-watt gain over the current generation, largely due to the move to TSMC’s 5nm process.

The company also confirmed rumors that RDNA 3 hardware will feature improved chip packaging, Infinity Cache, and a redesigned compute block. It was previously rumored that the flagship RX 7000 series GPU (Navi 31) has 16,384 stream processors distributed across two graphics complex crystals (GCDs). Lately, leaders have been posting a different story – a total of 12,288 cores are contained in one GCD.

This could be a last-minute design change, or a sign that the liqueurs received old or incorrect information. Nonetheless, Graymon55 says there could still be a separate GPU with 16,384 stream processors in development, though it’s not yet clear if it will be a consumer product or a workstation graphics solution (such as a Radeon Pro card).

In any case, it is expected to be called Navi 3X and will probably appear sometime in 2023. Unless it’s a gaming card, AMD may have decided to test the dual GCD configuration on workstation hardware before eventually using it in Radeon consumer products. maybe as soon as RDNA 4 (Navi 4X).

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