AMD Adrenalin can reportedly change CPU settings without telling users

PSA: Customizing the operation of PC components always involves some risk. However, if component vendors are going to provide software to do this, they should always make users aware of exactly what these tools do. It appears that this is not always the case with AMD Adrenalin GPU drivers.

A reader recently reported to Igor Vallossek of Igor’s Lab that the Ryzen Master CPU configuration module in the AMD Adrenalin GPU driver version 22.3.1 changed their CPU settings without telling them. own study of successfully reproduced the problem.

If the user manually changed the AMD processor settings in the BIOS – to overclock it in the reader’s case – Adrenalin may fail to load the custom GPU profile, causing the settings to reset. The reset then causes the main Ryzen module to change some CPU settings without notifying the user. This can cause crashes if the user tries to load a GPU profile that they have configured with certain CPU settings without realizing that those settings have changed.

Unfortunately, the Adrenalin 22.3.2 patch notes do not mention this issue. Vallossek’s solution is to disable the Ryzen Master module by setting Radeon software is thinner and selecting Post Install > Scheduled Tasks > AMDRyzenMasterSDK. One redditor bypassed issue by creating an additional GPU profile.

This behavior only occurs on PCs with AMD processors and GPUs. This has not been observed when Intel processors or Nvidia GPUs are involved.

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