Amazon Launches Luna in the US with Expanded Subscription Options and Twitch Integration

TLDR: If you’ve been waiting all this time for Amazon to send you an invitation to try Luna, the wait is over. The cloud gaming service has just been launched for customers in the United States. There are several monthly subscriptions to choose from, but it might be worth starting with the Prime channel, which is free for Prime members if you’re in doubt.

Tuesday, Amazon announced that it is finally launching its cloud gaming platform Luna for everyone in the US. The service has been in invite-only beta since fall 2020. It contains some new features and subscription packages.

At its core, Luna is not much different from Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, or any other cloud gaming platform. The service streams games from high-performance servers, so you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware to play them. In fact, one of the main benefits is that you can play games on any device, including mobile phones and Fire TVs. Where Luna differs is in its payment structure.

By comparison, Stadia has a free tier with basic service and a premium subscription with extras like 4K. Both have access to a library of free games that change monthly. There is also a larger collection of games that users can purchase just like they would on Steam or any other digital store. Purchased games can be streamed anytime the subscriber wants.

Luna’s model is slightly different in that it offers a set of small libraries that it calls “channels”, each with a different subscription cost. Thus, users can create their own service almost from the menu.

The main channel of the Moon from the very beginning is Luna+. This kit has 115 games in multiple genres for $5.99/month. Later, a $17.99 Ubsoft+ Collection with a rotating tablet was added. Old and new Ubisoft releases. The family subscription was then launched for $2.99 ​​per month and currently has 44 subscriptions. children’s games.

Coinciding with today’s official launch in the US, Luna expanded its subscription experience with the addition of three more channels – Prime, Retro and Jackbox Games.

That Prime Gaming the channel is free for Amazon Prime members, but the trade-off is that it has a minimal selection of games from paid subscriptions for a limited time only. For example, Phogs, Devil May Cry 5, Flashback, and Observer: System Redux are available from March 1 to March 31. Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition will release on March 8th, but will only be playable until March 15th. from Fighters ’98, Amnesia Rebirth, Tracks Toybox Edition and Mortal Shell.

The other two channels areRetro as well as Jackbox games— cost $4.99 a month and show what you would expect from their names. Retro has 46 classic and legacy games such as Another World, Pong, Bloodrayne and Missle Command. Jackbox has a party game series of the same name called You Don’t Know Jack.

Along with the channel expansion, Amazon has several new features for the platform. Not surprisingly, it added seamless integration with Twitch. Once set up, you can start streaming to your Twitch channel with just one click.

The second function is “Luna Phone Controller”. Subscribers can use the free controller app for iOS and Android phones to play Luna on Fire TV. There’s already a dedicated Luna controller for $50. Xbox and PlayStation controllers are also compatible with the service. The app allows those without a physical controller to at least try the service before committing.

The last thing Amazon mentioned is that Luna+ and the family channel are getting price spikes. Starting April 1, Luna+ will cost $9.99 per month and Family will double to $5.99. However, existing Early Access customers or new subscribers who sign up before March 31st will be subject to the old pricing. They don’t have to do anything special to keep their rates low other than keeping their subscriptions up to date.

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