Amazon Kindle Scribe Reviews, Pros and Cons

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The Amazon Kindle Scribe is a great large-screen e-reader and note-taking device, but don’t confuse it with a drawing pad.

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For most people, Kindle Scribe is probably the easiest choice if they’re looking for a simple note-taking device or a large e-reader. It works and there is a lot of room for improvement in the software. Amazon’s own executives told me that the company plans to release more updates. But right now, Scribe is doing just enough to keep up with the competition, and nothing more.

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Amazon Kindle Scribe is not for everyone. But if you want one gadget to read and write on a beautiful e-ink screen, this one is about as good as it gets.

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Artists, designers, and serious noters will also likely want to look elsewhere for a more sophisticated drawing and annotation solution—an iPad and Apple Pencil might be your best bet. But as an e-book combo that can also serve as a basic digital notepad, Kindle Scribe is surprisingly satisfying.

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Scribe’s size and weight make it awkward to carry around, especially considering the smaller Kindle can fit in a coat pocket. But overall, Scribe strikes a very good balance between a widescreen e-reader and an E Ink notepad. People will probably have some doubts about Scribe’s high price and the reliability of its markup and note-taking capabilities, but I expect we’ll see improvements to the device in the coming months.

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It’s nice to see the Kindle taking on a whole new dimension after all these years, but for most users, the price premium over the rest of the line is probably out of proportion to the added value. It’s also $40 more than the reMarkable 2’s starting price – though you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee here, and you get plenty of existing features from the Kindle ecosystem too.

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