Amazon “gets close to a deal” with EA to create Mass Effect show

Something to look forward to: Original shows and movies are one of the main ways streaming services attract new subscribers. We’re confident that successes like Netflix’s Arcane and Amazon’s Wheel of Time are perfect examples of this trend. However, Amazon could have another big debut right now – the company’s original content department is reportedly developing a new series based on BioWare’s popular Mass Effect series.

This information is courtesy of the Deadline report released yesterday. According to the publication, Amazon Studios “approaching a deal“With Electronic Arts to create such a series, although details such as the number or length of episodes are obviously unknown at such an early stage.

However, this is big news for longtime BioWare fans. While the latest Mass Effect installment, Andromeda, didn’t quite appeal to players, the previous games are still relevant. The quality of their game mechanics varies from title to title, but the consistently great storytelling is still considered one of the best in the industry.

Of course, as any gamer will tell you, translations of films or shows from popular game franchises don’t always carry over what made the franchise great. As such, there is no guarantee that Mass Effect will have the same compelling side stories and characters as the games. That said, Amazon has a solid track record of producing original content, so there is reason to be optimistic; especially if EA is willing to jeopardize the reputation of one of its most famous franchises.

Hopefully the deal goes between Amazon Studios and EA. Even if the show turns out to be terrible, it will at least be nice to see the Mass Effect universe in a way we’ve never seen before.

We will keep you informed if the deal is finalized and production officially begins, but it will likely be some time before that day.

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