Amazon Disables New World “Economy Control” To Prevent Gold Duplication Failure

In a nutshell: Amazon’s first attempt at New World MMO was riddled with a lot of strange bugs. The latest version includes a chat system that allows for various exploits that use “package manipulation”. By sending HTML messages to other players in a whisper or direct message, trolls can cause display problems or crash in the game. Another exploit generates infinite gold.

Last weekend, New World players discovered a glitch that opened up the possibility of hacking the game. One of them allows players to generate an infinite amount of gold, which is why Amazon decided to close all wealth transactions until it corrects the error. YouTuber Callum Upton demonstrated and explained the vulnerabilities in a recent video (below).

It all started when someone discovered that the game was executing specially crafted HTML code. So the trolls started spamming players with huge images in the chat window and taking up most of the screen. It was more annoying than harmful, but it was not the only thing that the error allowed.

As players continued to experiment, they found they could send a message that could unload another player from the game. It works like this: the attacker sends a message that says that the game should look for a non-existent item. The game looks for the requested data locally, and when it cannot find it, the process goes into an endless loop, which ultimately causes the game to crash.

While Upton did not go into details on any of these exploits, he pointed out how users can use the same HTML error to get infinite gold. It works by coding in such a way that when you hover over an item in the sent message, the game will register the completion of the quest and award 50 gold. By repeatedly navigating the tiger in the chat window, players can accumulate as much gold as they want.

These are pretty serious game-breaking feats, so it should come as no surprise that Amazon was quick to act. Monday Community Manager New World notified players that they were closing the control of the New World economy.

“We are aware of a possible gold duplication exploit, and we are temporarily disabling all forms of transfer of wealth between players (for example, sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, exchange between players),” the manager wrote. “Once the gold duplication exploit has been investigated and we are ready to re-enable wealth transfer, we will update this post.”

It’s clear that Amazon wanted to shut down the exploit, but it’s odd that it only mentioned gold glitch and not others. It is also strange that they promised to punish anyone who used it.

“Any player using this exploit will be prosecuted,” the notice says with an undefined threat.

Under this word, “any player” will include those who discovered or reported a bug. Amazon later updated the post, stating that it would simply remove all gold or items created by the exploit, and those who maliciously exploit the glitch would be blocked.

As of Tuesday evening, the developers have not fixed the exploits, but Amazon said it is “targeting” the issue and will release a patch soon.

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