10th Gen Intel Core i3 reaches record low price of $68

In short: Amazon Prime Day is over, but one deal is available right now – the historically low price of a quad-core Comet Lake. Other budget processors, including the more recent Core i3, are still well priced as well, providing an opportunity for anyone looking to build a budget PC this year.

The Intel Core i3-10100 is TechSpot’s best budget processor for 2022, and Amazon is currently offering an F variant of it at a discounted price. lowest ever $68 – 30 percent off $100 MSRP. This model does not have integrated graphics, so it requires a discrete GPU. Version without Fwhich has an iGPU costs around $100, but it’s still a good discount from the $122 MSRP.

These processors won’t give you the best performance on the latest games or CPU-intensive applications, but they’ll get the job done with unmatched performance per dollar. They have four cores and eight threads at 3.6GHz and support DDR4 RAM. Even at full price, the 10100F is your only reasonable choice for a sub-$100 processor.

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Discounts on the latest 12th gen Core i3 processors are not that great, but they are still attractively priced on Newegg for the time being. The i3-12100F is only $106. (was $111) while 12100 is $129 (was $149). Their specs are similar on paper to their 10th gen counterparts, but they likely perform better and offer extra space for future upgrades. Future Intel Raptor Lake processors will support the same motherboards as these Alder Lakes, which also work with DDR4 and DDR5 RAM.

Anyone thinking about an Intel-based build soon should start thinking about buying now, especially before Intel raises prices later this year.

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