10 Things to Know About Technology Today, Wednesday, May 26th

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1. DC’s attorney general is suing Amazon, accusing it of abusing its power to control prices online. Amazon requires third-party sellers not to offer products at lower prices on other websites, which the attorney general says is an antitrust violation. Everything you need to know about the cause.

2. Airbnb has announced more than 100 new features in anticipation of a growing summer travel season. As the company prepares for what its CEO has called “once in a century return trip,” it has added features such as family-friendly pricing and flexible booking. Here’s what changes.

3. We identified the 138 most powerful people in Salesforce under CEO Marc Benioff. These leaders help Benioff manage the global software giant in the cloud, in departments from law to HR. Explore our exclusive organization chart.

4. Speaking of organization charts – we’ve explained the first people in companies like Netflix, Google and Microsoft. Our graphs are a way to identify those at the top of the scale in some of the most influential organizations. See the most important people in the major technology companies.

5. Ford’s F-150 Lightning can power your home and has a massive frunk. The Mega Power Frunk is a front-facing truck that adds 400 gallons of storage space and has power outlets and USB plugs. More on frunk (and five other interesting features).

6. A crypto expert explains who might be behind the “whale” dogecoin address that contains $ 12 billion. The story behind the world’s largest dogecoin holder may be less funny than many people would like – a dogecoin developer said it probably belongs in a crypto exchange. Here’s what he said other things about the possible identity of the whale.

7. Bernie Sanders tries to prevent Jeff Bezos ’Blue Origin from getting $ 10 billion in NASA funding. Sanders tried to prevent Blue Origin from receiving money to participate in a moon landing mission through an amendment to the Endless Frontier Act. Here’s why (and a brief history of the senator’s meat with Bezos).

8. Bill Gates has been accused of questionable behavior in the workplace at least seven times. From his relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to asking female employees to dine while they were married, here is a list of all the times he would have engaged in dubious conduct.

9. A new photo sharing app called Poparazzi is taking the business world by storm. The app, which encourages users to become “your friend’s peers” instead of sending photos of yourself, has won both VC and Gen Gen Z. Look what VCs are all about.

10. Initial assessments have reached a new record. According to PitchBook, the average valuation for startups in the late phase jumped more than $ 1 billion. The PitchBook report explains why.

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