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You can now Get Quick Access to Huawei’s HarmonyOS update


Huawei recently launched HarmonyOS 2.0 and the OS will be available for a select number of devices. Installing HarmonyOS will replace the current EMUI-on-Android configuration.

At present, the option is available in China and is soon being rolled out in various regions. Even if the OS has not arrived in your region, users can still simply change their location virtually and get the update.


Users can take advantage of the new HarmonyOS by checking the “update screen” where a button should appear for users to tap it. From this, it appears that the company is slowly rolling out the OS to ensure that there are no problems or issues once it is properly installed and ready to use.

Image source: GSMArena

In addition, the technology giant also removed a major legal hurdle where initially Hongmeng, the Chinese name for HarmonyOS, was a trademark of Huizhou Qibei Technology, so the Chinese State Intellectual Property Authority (CSIPA) rejected the application. Huawei brand. But now the brand has been transferred and the global launch of this operating system is good to go.

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