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Xiaomi officially partners with Air Link to manufacture smartphones in Pakistan

To expand Pakistan’s mobile manufacturing capabilities, Xiaomi has formally partnered with renowned assembler and distributor Air Link Communication Limited to supply Xiaomi phones locally in Pakistan.

According to Air Link, it will include a wholly-owned subsidiary, and in this regard, Air Link stated the following:

“The main goal of this wholly owned subsidiary will be to further manufacture mobile devices for certain selected brands.”

So far, Xiaomi’s global smartphone market has grown by 83 percent year on year and has shipped about 52.8 million smartphones, making the company the second best-selling brand in the world, ahead of Apple, but still lagging behind Samsung.

However, Air Link stated the following:

“[It is] targeting 2.5 to 3 million mobile phones per year, assuming a seamless supply chain, which is expected to increase revenue by about $ 450 million per year and have a significant additional impact on the company’s earnings per share, excluding the normal Doing Business “.

In addition, Air Link mentioned that the manufacturing facility will be located in the Quaid-e-Azam industrial zone in Kot Lahpat Lahore, where production is expected to begin around January 2022.

The statement mentioned that SELECT will be a production partner and Air Link will continue to be the distributor of Xiaomi phones in Pakistan.

According to the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority, about 26 companies have received MDM approval, which allows them to manufacture mobile devices in Pakistan. These companies include Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, TECNO, QMobile and others.

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