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Xiaomi Mix 5 release date, price and spec rumors

Xiaomi Mix 4 was the Chinese company’s flagship device, which did not appear in many territories outside of Asia. Now, a year or so later, there are many expectations as to what Xiaomi will do with its Mix 5 successor.

Can we see it in the West or do the rumors about its cancellation have some basis? Here’s everything we know about the Xiaomi Mix 5.

When will Xiaomi Mix 5 be released?

There has been no official word from Xiaomi regarding any potential release date for the Mix 5. However, we can look at previous entries in the series for some clues. Here’s when they debuted:

  • Xiaomi Mix 4 – August 2021
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – November 2018
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – September 2017
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix – November 2016

As you can see, devices usually appear in the second half of the year, with the exception of Mix 4, which dropped the Mi prefix and was released in the summer. Given the big gap between the Mi Mix 3 and Mix 4, it’s possible that Xiaomi is shuffling its schedules and so the Mix 5 could follow suit and arrive in August 2022.

One piece of news that throws something of a metaphorical wrench into action comes from Chinese tech site XiaomiUI, which reports that the company has effectively canceled the Mix 5 and will instead launch the device as the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

This makes things interesting as other sites including GizmoChina have posted a potential release date for the 12 Ultra in May, while Notebookcheck points to June as Xiaomi launches the device alongside the new Mix Fold 2.

At the moment it’s all smoke and mirrors, but if the latter works, we might see the Mix 5/12 Ultra within a few weeks.

How much will Xiaomi Mix 5 cost?

Since the Mix 5 hasn’t been announced at the time of writing, no pricing has been confirmed. So once again we can take a look at the previous version to get an idea of ​​the potential cost. Here’s how the Mix 4 configurations lined up:

  • Xiaomi Mix 4 (8GG/128GB) – 4199 yen (approx. £505/$625/€590)
  • Xiaomi Mix 4 (8GB/256GB) – 4,499 yen (approx. £540 / $669 / €635)
  • Xiaomi Mix 4 (12GB/256GB) – 4,899 yen (approx. £590 / $729 / €690)
  • Xiaomi Mix 4 (12GB/512GB) – 5399 yen (approximately £650/$800/€760)

However, given the likelihood of the Mix 5 being replaced by the 12 Ultra, we also have to take into account the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra prices:

  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (8GB/256GB) – 3,999 yen (about £483/$595/€564)
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (12GB/256GB) – 4499 yen (approx. £540 / $669 / €635)
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (12GB/512GB) – 4,999 yen (approximately £600/$745/€705)

All of these prices are from Xiaomi’s website in China, but it should be noted that the 8GB/256GB Mi 11 Ultra launched in the UK for £1,199 (roughly $1,478/€1,400). This price is obviously much higher than on the Chinese site, so there could be a large import/sales tax on the phone, or Xiaomi is simply setting the price, which it will then drop significantly in deals to entice buyers.

What features and specifications will we see in Xiaomi Mix 5?

There have been several conflicting rumors about the Mix 5. Early ones seemed to point to a device following its Mix 4 predecessor.

In March, GizmoChina reported that the Mix 5 was spotted on Geekbench with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, 12GB of RAM, and running Android 12.

This was in line with previous rumors that said the device would also come with a triple camera setup consisting of a 50MP main camera with OIS, a 48MP ultra wide-angle camera, and a 48MP telephoto lens. It also assumed the presence of a front camera of 48 megapixels.

Notebookcheck then published a story that the Mix 5 will come with a 6.73-inch 2K E5 AMOLED display with LTPO 2.0 support and a maximum brightness of 1500 nits.

But this was called into question by a XiaomiUI report, which said that the company decided to turn the Mix 5 into Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Many of the same specs previously attributed to the Mix 5 seem to be showing up in the 12 Ultra rumors, so it’s not as big of a jump as it might seem. Tech whistleblower Mayank Kumar posted a promotional poster on Twitter touting the new device, including the potential first appearance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ in the 12 Ultra.

However, the poster’s veracity has been questioned as some say it’s a photoshop creation and not something official from Xiaomi.

Other reports talk about a partnership between Xiaomi and Leica for the optics in the new phone, as well as a telescopic lens for the rear camera (as shown in the concept design below from Technizo Concept and Lets Go Digital).

Hopefully this fog of leaks and rumors will coalesce into something clearer over the next month or two, and we’ll update this article as the details become more substantive.

In the meantime, take a look at our guides to the best smartphones and the best Chinese phones to see the competition that the Xiaomi Mix 5 or 12 Ultra will have to overcome.

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