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Xiaomi 12T Pro vs Xiaomi 12 Pro: what has changed?

Xiaomi has just released a new Pro smartphone. But what is the difference between the characteristics of 12T and 12?

Now that the sequel to the excellent Xiaomi 12 Pro has been unveiled, you might be wondering what’s new – what are the upgrades and potential downgrades for this new phone and whether you should buy it.

While there are minor differences in specifications, this article focuses on the three main differences between the two phones: camera, processor, and battery.

Xiaomi 12T Pro


The main difference is in the camera system, and it’s not particularly surprising when the new device’s slogan is “Make Mega Moments.” To that end, it comes with a 200MP main camera sensor, an extremely high resolution for a smartphone, and you can also get a strong 2x zoom in the sensor. Along with this shot, you also have an 8MP ultra-wide lens and a 2MP macro sensor.

Sample image of Xiaomi 12 Pro
Sample image of Xiaomi 12 Pro
Sample image of Xiaomi 12 Pro

On the contrary, Xiaomi 12 Pro looks more balanced and versatile. There are three rear camera sensors (wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto), each with a resolution of 50 megapixels. We praised it as “a very powerful camera system that works very well with three lenses” and we praised its performance in both daylight and low-light conditions; take a look at three example images from this device above.


Another change between the two devices, which perhaps should be expected when they are released at different ends of the year, concerns the processor. Xiaomi 12T Pro is powered by Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 which is the latest mobile chipset from Qualcomm and we have already seen it successfully used by devices like Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro and OnePlus 10T.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

On the contrary, Xiaomi 12 Pro runs on the previous chipset from the same manufacturer, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It is also a flagship-class high-performance silicon. You’ll probably end up with brilliant performance levels from both of these, but considering the 12T Pro is on a later date, you’re likely to hit higher peaks with this unit; however, we will have to test it with testing software to make sure.


Both Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12T Pro have impressive 120W fast charging, but there is a difference in battery capacity of the two phones in favor of the newer model.

Xiaomi 12 Pro back panel
Xiaomi 12 Pro

While the Xiaomi 12 Pro has a fairly large 4600mAh capacity, the 12T Pro leans on it with a 5000mAh battery capacity, so at least in theory we should expect it to have longer battery life. However, smartphone specifications do not always work in practice as one might expect, so we will conduct thorough tests to find out if this is actually the case.

Another difference that can be found in this area is that the Xiaomi 12 Pro offers 50W wireless charging, while the new Xiaomi 12T Pro does not offer this feature at all.

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