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Will CES 2022 be big for smartphone releases?

OPINION: CES 2022 is only a few days away and what better way to cure this aching head than gorge on some of our delicious mobile predictions for a huge tech show.

The CES (or Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual event held at hotels, casinos, and high-rise buildings in Las Vegas. After a year of virtual conferences in 2021, the exhibition will return to its physical format in 2022 and we expect a range of technologies to be presented.

Typically, CES is home to more concept technology than you can find at the MWC Barcelona or IFA Berlin, and we’ve seen a lot of focus on advances in television in recent years. If more screen technology comes out soon, there is a good chance it will be unveiled at CES.

From what we’ve seen so far, CES 2022 may well shift the focus from televisions to computers. Rumor has it that Nvidia, Dell and others are announcing their products. What about new smartphones?

CES is not known for smartphone releases, and we don’t expect too many new phones to see big releases at the show. There are a number of reasons for this, from most phone brands now choosing to go it alone and have their own shows, to the Mobile World Congress (which is usually home to many phone launches) just a month later. We’ve seen several phone launches at CES before, but these were mostly mid-range models from LG.

OnePlus, for example, may have a minor presence at CES – it previously used the show to introduce some concept devices – but this is likely not where we’ll see the OnePlus 10.

So should smartphone fans avoid the show entirely? Not certainly in that way.

One of the loudest rumors about CES 2022 really revolves around the release of a phone, specifically Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE. It’s a sequel to the very good Galaxy S20 FE and should be a more affordable alternative to the Galaxy S21.

We’ve been waiting for the S21 FE for ages. Initial rumors suggested a summer launch (similar to the original), but when that didn’t happen, some even suggested that the phone was completely canceled due to an ongoing chip shortage.

But several months passed, and it became clear that the device existed. There have been loads of leaks, ranging from talking about price, looking at the user manual, and tons of images. We also have a very good idea of ​​the specs: OLED display, dual rear cameras, Snapdragon 888 chipset, and wireless charging.

The S21 FE definitely doesn’t claim to be the world’s most exciting phone. Many of the current best mid-range phones meet these specifications, but Samsung makes reliable devices and chances are they will sell well.

Aside from Samsung, Qualcomm will be attending CES 2022, so we’ll probably get more information on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset that will power most of the best phones of 2022. It was officially announced in early December, but apart from Motorola’s China-only device, we haven’t seen a phone with it yet. TCL will also be at the show, and there is every chance that we will see budget and mid-range offers from them.

Of course, there may be surprises at CES 2022 and we’ll be bringing you all the news straight from Vegas so you don’t miss out.

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