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Motorola has made a big comeback in recent years with some of the best phones on the market. Its strong point lies in its variety – you can buy a budget or premium Moto phone, depending on your needs and tastes, and still get a high-quality and stable user experience.

Motorola, currently owned by Lenovo, is focused on a consistent design ethic, has software close to stock Android, and often offers incredible value for money. The Moto G series is consistently a great choice for anyone looking for a really great budget phone.

But Moto is also making a more expensive Edge lineup to suit a larger budget, including the new Edge 20 series, and that’s before we mention the return of the Razr.

Best Motorola phones of 2021


Motorola Razr 5G – the best foldable

  • Pros: Elegant folding design | Improved build quality | Better cover display
  • Minuses: Slippery and heavy | Average performance | Price

Obviously, the price itself makes the Razr’s return a welcome buy for most, but that’s not why it tops the list.

For a phone brand that was once at its height and has since decided to offer reliable affordable Android phones, the Razr 5G is an impressive statement that highlights the company’s technical capabilities and also reminds us of its pedigree.

There are obvious downsides to getting a foldable flip phone beyond the price point, but this 5G model is more robust and thoughtful than the 2019 revival, with more power and better cameras to load.

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Moto E7i Power is the most affordable

Motorola Moto e7i Power

  • Pros: Ultra Affordable | Good battery life | Beautiful design
  • Minuses: No USB-C | Dim camera

Once you understand how cheap the Moto E7i Power is, it’s hard not to be impressed with everything you get.

Performance – an area of ​​cheap phones that you often save on – is surprisingly good, despite what the benchmarks tell you. Motorola didn’t need to change what was already great software, while the modern design mimics the more expensive phones well.

The cameras are somewhat random, but if you’re willing to be patient it will pleasantly surprise you. There are trade-offs in the Moto E7i Power, but for what you pay, they’re incredibly easy to forgive.

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Moto G100 – Best for Productivity

Moto G100

  • Pros: Excellent performance | Ideal for games | Good battery life
  • Minuses: Medium Cameras | Bulky

One of the first phones on the market with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset, the Moto G100 is a mid-range phone with superior performance. In fact, it’s so effective that in our review, we called it something of a “undercover gaming phone.”

Its internals are complemented by a pleasing 90Hz display and excellent battery life, thanks in part to the phone’s large 5,000mAh battery, and while its cameras leave room for improvement, desktop-like Ready For functionality (made possible by the included docking station) , turns the G100 into a productivity beast when needed.

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Motorola Edge is the best display

Motorola edge

  • Pros: Premier design | Good display | Decent performance
  • Minuses: Limited update support | Medium cameras

Even though the Edge 20 series has arrived (and we’re currently testing them), the flagship Motorola Edge still offers a definite value for money – at least when compared to the Edge Plus.

It features the same 6.7-inch OLED Endless Edge display as the Plus model, giving the phone a high-quality look and also boasting many of the features of other Motorola phones featured in our chart in a single case.

In terms of performance, there is a drop in performance as most competitors have the Snapdragon 765G, where most competitors have introduced the top-tier 865 in 2020, but the three rear cameras do a decent job, even if they aren’t what we would call the industry-leading ones. It may not be perfect, but it’s still a stunningly beautiful 5G flagship smartphone with a handy wallet.

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Motorola Defy (2021) – Most Reliable Design

Motorola defy

  • Pros: Elastic Design | Affordable | Clean Android user interface
  • Minuses: Poor performance | Low Resolution Display | Main cameras

Making a decent rugged phone doesn’t come cheap, and yet Motorola managed to create a solid offering in the revived 2021 Defy.

It struggles to keep up with its like-minded Nokia XR20 – in terms of performance – but we can’t beat its rugged design or its impressive 5,000mAh battery; which ensures exceptional durability. Fast charging 20W is not the fastest charging, but we would rather have it than not.

While the display also falls short of sub-Full HD resolution, Motorola’s pure Android at least ensures it’s a pleasure to use.

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Moto G 5G Plus – great for multimedia

Moto G 5G Plus

  • Pros: Fast work | Impressive Main Camera | Huge battery
  • Minuses: Weak macro camera | Plastic assembly

The Moto G 5G Plus doesn’t necessarily have the wow factor compared to some of the competition, but it more than makes up for that under the hood, sporting the same Snapdragon 765G combination and 4GB or 6GB of RAM as the OnePlus Nord. and Realme X50 5G; offering lag-free performance at a slightly lower price point.

There’s a decent camera setup too – front camera with 48MP rear camera, 21: 9 high 6.7 inches. display this is Great for watching movies on the go, and the 5000mAh battery will keep you going all day, even with moderate to heavy use.

It’s not a perfect smartphone, but it’s a decent all-rounder at a tempting price point.

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Moto G9 Power – Best Battery Life

Moto G9 Power

  • Pros: Affordable | Large bright display | Water resistance
  • Minuses: Plastic construction | Dim cameras

The Moto G9 Power offers great value for money, with a capacious 6,000mAh battery to prove the phone’s name.

The cell provides enough juice to be used for several days, Power also has a nice display and a water-repellent design.

Its cameras aren’t impressive, but if they’re not your top priority, the Moto G9 Power has a lot to offer.

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Moto G9 Play – great quality

Moto G9 Play

  • Pros: Affordable | Lightweight | Clean Android user interface
  • Minuses: Plastic construction | Dim cameras | Dim display

If you’re not aiming for super-fast 5G mobile speeds, the Moto G9 Play is a great affordable option with a large screen and huge battery.

The display requires work, as does the camera, but for the price and coupled with Motorola’s nice user interface, the G9 Play isn’t a bad budget proposition anyway.

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Moto G Pro – for increased productivity

Motorola Moto G Pro

  • Pros: Good camera | Built-in stylus | Longevity
  • Minuses: Shiny design | Average performance | The stylus is underutilized in software

One of the most unusual phones from the 2020 Motorola lineup; partly because of its name and partly because of its nature.

Never mind the fact that this is a G Pro and not a G8 Pro – which would make more sense – this phone is a versatile large-screen phone that serves as the best budget alternative for those who prefer a stylus. …

The camera also has some fun shooting modes.

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Moto G8 Power – good battery life

Moto G8 Power

  • Pros: Good main camera | Longevity | Pure software experience
  • Minuses: Aging equipment | Shiny design | Slow performance

The Moto G8 Power shares the same strengths and weaknesses as its successor and is an increasingly cheaper alternative with the same durability as the G9 Power.

The main sacrifice here is performance, but overall it’s still a well thought out and inexpensive offering.

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