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Which big iPhone to choose?

Apple has just unveiled the latest updates to its flagship smartphone lineup, including a new, bigger one. 14 plus model to replace iphone 13 mini. But how does the iPhone 14 Plus compare to the top-notch 14 Pro Max?

Apple’s lineup of four smartphones has just been showcased at the Apple brand event in September. Read on to find out all the major differences between the two biggest phones in the iPhone 14 series, both of which have 6.7-inch displays.

dynamic island

One of the most obvious visual differences between the two is the presence of a brand new Dynamic Island at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen. This feature is missing from the two standard iPhone 14 devices, so it will make the Pro versions very different from others.

While the iPhone 14 Plus has a design similar to what we’ve seen on Apple smartphone screens since the iPhone X, spreading across the surface and connecting to the top of the screen, the dynamic island is a pill-shaped design that is surrounded by a colorful display and can be customized depending on the applications currently running on the phone. It can expand or shrink depending on the background tasks currently running, and even split into two “bubbles” if more than one activity is running in the background.

Always-on display

The iPhone 14 Pro Max can handle an always-on display thanks to a combination of smart dimming that automatically dims brightness and an adaptive refresh rate that can be dropped to as little as 1Hz to keep it on. ticks without draining the battery.

This powerful Always-On technology app will allow you to keep track of notifications from your iPhone without waking it up, but unfortunately you won’t be able to use this feature on the iPhone 14 Plus as it’s exclusive to the Pro editions. .


The iPhone 14 Pro boasts significant camera improvements over standard versions of the same generation.

iphone 14 pro camera settings

In particular, the main camera is now 48 megapixels, and while this will typically depend on 4-in-1 pixel binning, you will be able to capture native resolution shots with ProRAW enabled.

The iPhone 14 Plus has at least updated the front-facing camera hardware with a new TrueDepth camera on board.


There is also expected to be a significant increase in processing power on the way to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which will be powered by Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chipset. Built on a highly efficient 4nm process and containing nearly 16 billion transistors, this silicon appears to once again outperform other smartphone competitors, apparently being 40% faster and at the same time one-third less power-hungry than its competitors.

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Plus will stick with the A15 Bionic, which we first saw last year in the iPhone 13 lineup. When we tested it, we found it to be a very impressive piece of silicon capable of running even the most labor-intensive applications, so we doubt that you will notice a difference in peak performance when using the iPhone 14 Plus throughout the day. on today’s basis.


Perhaps most important, of course, is the price difference between these two brand new devices. While the iPhone 14 Plus has a starting price of $899 (£949), the iPhone 14 Pro Max is significantly more expensive at $1,099 (£1,199) for the base storage model. Both phones will go on sale on September 16th.

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