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WhatsApp for Android Beta Release with Communities: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new update for Android smartphones that offers the ability to create communities. This feature is reportedly available to a limited number of beta testers at this time. The communication platform, owned by Meta, was previously seen running under the communities tab. This upcoming feature is said to allow WhatsApp users to create “communities” that can host up to 10 subgroups, each with up to 512 members.

According to report from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android beta brings the ability to create communities. According to the report, this feature is currently available to a limited number of beta testers.

The WhatsApp Communities feature has been enabled for some users in the latest Android beta.
Photo Credit: WABetaInfo

In this update, the camera tab in the top left corner of the app is reportedly being replaced with a community tab. This tab is said to allow users to create a community with 10 subgroups, according to the feature tracker, while a subgroup can support up to 512 members.

The report also mentions that community members can choose a subgroup of their choice when they join a new community. They are also reportedly allowed to leave sub-groups without leaving the community. Community admins are supposed to have the ability to disable a community. This update also reportedly allows members to report to the community on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is reported to automatically create an ad group when a user creates a new community. This group is intended to be used by community administrators to exchange messages that are always visible to all members of the community.

WhatsApp for Android beta is also reported to be compatible with the Communities feature. However, users are considered to be able to join communities if this feature is enabled for their accounts. According to WABetaInfo, even after installing compatible updates, users will not be able to join communities even after being added by a community administrator.

According to a recent report, WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will allow users to hide their phone numbers from certain subgroups of the WhatsApp community through an option that is expected to be available once the feature is rolled out to all users. .

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