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What is Smart HDR for iOS?

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is one of the most requested features in mobile cameras. Here’s everything you need to know about HDR technology in the iPhone.

The latest iPhone 13 series is known for its impressive camera setup, using features like night mode and portrait mode to capture scenes in great detail.

And the latest iPhone models also support Smart HDR, allowing users to take even more incredible pictures with this technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about iOS Smart HDR and how it can affect your photography, keep reading.

What is HDR?

Before we look at what Smart HDR is, we’ll touch on what HDR is and how it can enhance images.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and allows your camera to shoot in high contrast environments, take multiple photos in quick succession and then blend those photos together to provide the user with the most detailed and accurate photo.

Using HDR will help balance out the lightest and darkest areas in your photo, ensuring your photo isn’t washed out or completely black, improving the image’s dynamic range.

This feature helps to brighten lifeless colors and give your photos more energy, although it’s important to note that HDR works best for static images such as a forest scene. If you want to capture motion and movement, such as someone playing football, HDR may be less useful as it takes multiple shots, which can result in a blurry image.

On iPhone, the camera automatically combines photos to create an HDR image. This feature can be disabled in the settings.

What is Smart HDR for iOS?

More recent iPhones feature Smart HDR, which enhances standard HDR by using Apple’s Bionic chips. The A12 Bionic originally introduced Smart HDR, but the current iPhone 13 A15 Bionic line uses Smart HDR 4, the most recent iteration of the technology.

Apple claims that Smart HDR 4 has improved color, contrast, and lighting for every subject in a group photo. The company also says it can help capture details in challenging environments like dark environments, and that’s helped by the improved night mode.

Smart HDR 4 can recognize up to four different people in a scene and optimize the skin tone for each person, making the scene and objects look more natural.

Basically, it’s an improved version of the standard AI HDR that can better detect the dynamic range of an image to create the best shot for iPhone users.

Which iPhone models support HDR?

Regardless of which iPhone you’re using, you’ll likely have access to HDR in some format. Check out the list of iPhones that support HDR below, though it’s important to note that these models don’t include Smart HDR:

Which iPhone models support Smart HDR?

And here are all the phones with Smart HDR support. It is important to note that not all of these devices support Smart HDR 4, as this is exclusive to the A15 Bionic chipset. However, all of these iPhones include Smart HDR in one format or another:

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