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What is Samsung PowerSharing? | Reliable Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is finally here and you might want to consider switching to Samsung with your next update. One of the most convenient features of the Galaxy S23 series is Wireless PowerShare, but what does that mean?

Wireless PowerShare is a feature that has been a staple in Galaxy flagship phones since 2019. Keep reading to find out what Samsung PowerShare is and what devices you can find it on.

What is Samsung PowerSharing?

Wireless PowerShare is a Samsung feature that allows you to charge one Galaxy device from another.

This feature uses Qi wireless charging to allow Samsung and non-Samsung devices to borrow power from your Galaxy phone wirelessly, effectively turning your smartphone into a wireless charging pad.

For example, you can charge a Galaxy Watch with the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and even charge one Galaxy phone with another by simply placing the two devices on top of each other.

This means you can also charge your friend’s Pixel 7 or iPhone 14 with this technology, though it won’t be as fast as charging something smaller like a pair of Galaxy Buds.

It also means you can efficiently charge two Galaxy devices at the same time by plugging the charging cable into one and placing the other on top of that first device for wireless power.

Wireless Powershare is not fast. The idea of ​​this feature is not so much to replace a charging cable or wireless charging pad, but to offer a convenient way to recharge your smartwatch or a friend’s phone when you are away from home and there is no charger nearby. .

All you have to do to get started with PowerShare is to activate the feature on your Galaxy phone by swiping down from the notification bar and tapping “Wireless PowerShare”. Then just make sure the two devices are facing each other, and adjust their position if necessary until they start charging.

Which devices support Samsung PowerShare?

You can access PowerShare on any Samsung phone that supports wireless charging, including the new Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Older flagships with Wireless PowerShare support go further. back as the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series.

Wireless PowerShare allows you to charge Galaxy wearables such as the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds, as well as smartphones from other brands as long as they also support Qi wireless charging.

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