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What is night photography?

Samsung has developed night vision as a camera feature to help you take better pictures in dark environments – here’s everything you need to know about it.

Samsung’s Night View feature was first announced during the launch of the Galaxy S22 series, and the company gave us a detailed look at the technology using the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

As the name suggests, Nightography is a feature that makes it easier for users to capture photo and video content in dark environments. If you want to know more about the software, keep reading.

What is night photography?

According to Samsung, Nightography allows users to capture bright and optimized images even in the dark, so users can enjoy vivid images that aren’t washed out or poorly lit.

There is an AI multi-frame processing system that combines 30 images into one shot and should provide optimal color gamut and detail, giving users the best photo out of 30.

The Samsung camera uses a 2.4 micrometer sensor to capture more light and also uses an anti-reflective coating on the lens to help reduce light flare that is often captured in dark images due to light reflections inside the lens.

In addition, Samsung uses Night Solution, which automatically detects when you’re taking pictures in low light, similar to the iPhone’s night mode.

Which devices support night vision?

If you are wondering which mobile phones support night vision, check out the list of all supported phones below:

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