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What is MediaTek Dimensity 1080? Mobile Chipset Description

The MediaTek Dimensity 920 was Qualcomm’s alternative chipset for cheap smartphones in 2022, with the new Dimensity 1080 set to take that position in 2023.

The question is, what’s new in the Dimensity 1080 and is it worth shelling out for smartphones with the Dimensity 1080, or is it worth saving some money by going for slightly older models with the 920?

We explain everything you need to know about MediaTek’s latest mid-range chipset, the Dimensity 1080, right here.

The Dimensity 1080 is MediaTek’s latest mid-range chipset, replacing the slightly older Dimensity 920 and sitting comfortably below MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9200 chipset.

Specifically, the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 is a 6nm chipset with an octa-core processor clocked at up to 2.6GHz along with an ARM Mali G68 GPU for improved graphics performance in games, targeting budget and mid-range smartphones priced around the Mark 300- £500.

It also boasts technology support including 5G connectivity, high refresh rate displays, 4K video capture and more, which we’ll cover in more detail in a minute.

The MediaTek Dimensity 1080 was introduced in October 2022, and by the end of 2022, this chipset began to appear in some smartphones, although most of them appeared in the first few months of 2023.

What’s new in Dimensity 1080?

If you were to go to the official Dimensity 1080 website You might think that the new chipset boasts a whole host of new features, but in fact, most of them were available on the previous generation Dimensity 920.

This includes dedicated gaming features such as HyperEngine 3.0, support for sub-6GHz 5G networks and Wi-Fi 6, and the same support for Full HD+ displays up to 120Hz.

So what’s left? Fine…

More computing power

You might expect the new chipset to have more power, but with the Dimensity 1080, that’s only half the truth.

Even though the octa-core CPU has little performance boosting to 2.6GHz from 2.5GHz, the Mali G68 GPU is the same as its predecessor. It’s also still built on the same 6nm process, so there isn’t much room for energy efficiency improvements.

Support for 200 megapixel cameras.

The big upgrade for the Dimensity 1080 comes in the camera department: the chipset is capable of handling image data from sensors up to a whopping 200 MP via the new Imagiq ISP, which is more than the Dimensity 920’s 108 MP support.

MediaTek also boasts that the chipset can handle accelerated HDR video capture at up to 4K resolution, but this feature was available on the previous chipset.

Given the level of performance on offer, it’s no surprise to learn that Dimensity 1080 is commonly used in budget and mid-range smartphones, including Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G, Redmi 12 Pro 5G, Redmi 12 Pro Plus. 5G, Samsung Galaxy A34 and Samsung Galaxy A54 just to name a few, with more expected to arrive in the next few months.

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