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What is iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode? Explaining the new Hollywood-style video

What is iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode? Shoot like a pro with the new Dynamic Focus with Dolby Vision HDR support for iPhone 13.

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 13 line of smartphones and, as always, camera improvements are in the spotlight.

As Apple always strives to point out that professional videographers actually use these devices, the company is introducing more professional features inspired by the footage you see on your favorite TV shows and movies.

What is Cinematic Mode?

The new Cinematic Mode, coming to the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, is based on a “focus stand” that dynamically adjusts the focus of the image based on the depth of the frame.

This technique can be used to direct the viewer’s gaze or, for example, to demonstrate a character’s point of view.

Apple says the new depth effect will allow anyone to capture cinematic moments, providing more creative control when shooting video and giving users the ability to use their iPhone every day to mimic the techniques used by some of Hollywood’s finest artists.

You can see some examples of the technique that was previously used in films such as Casino Royale.

How can I use Cinematic Mode?

Apple says users can quickly adjust focus on the display. So, for example, if you are focusing on a person in the frame, fast switching can bring focus to the coffee cup they are holding in the foreground. Apple claims the technology works with people, pets, and objects.

The system is smart enough to work automatically depending on what happens in the frame. Thus, if an object is looking away from the iPhone’s camera sensor, focus will shift to the object of its gaze. You can also lock focus to follow a face or object around the scene, constantly blurring the background.

All footage is shot in Dolby Vision HDR, which is a nice bonus.

Cinematic Mode on iPhone 13 Pro

Apple says that if you pick up the most expensive iPhone models, Cinematic Mode will perform even more impressively. This will give users the ability to modify the bokeh effect anywhere in post-processing.

Apple says: “For creative control, focus can be changed during and after shooting, and users can adjust the bokeh level in the Photos app and iMovie for iOS, and soon in iMovie for macOS and Final Cut Pro. a line of only devices capable of editing the depth of field effect in video even after recording. With support for A15 Bionic and advanced machine learning algorithms, cinematic mode is recorded in Dolby Vision HDR. “

iPhone 13 cinematic

How good is Cinematic Mode on the iPhone 13?

This will, of course, be fully determined by testing. In theory, and in the demo shown during the event, this feature looked surprisingly functional. However, this naturally took place in optimal conditions with several competing areas of potential attention. Even in the demo, the technology looked a little jittery at times, so we look forward to how well this feature works in the real world and not on a professional set.

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