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What are WhatsApp polls and how to use them? All you need to know

The new features and updates of WhatsApp released over the past few months have greatly improved messaging. WhatsApp users can now even create polls in private and group chats to find out what their friends and contacts think. This feature can be used by both iOS and Android users. A survey can help get group members’ opinions on any topic or idea, or can be useful for quick planning. Like your chats, the responses you send to a survey question will be end-to-end encrypted. Telegram and Facebook Messenger currently allow group surveys. You can easily start using this new WhatsApp feature on your smartphone.

Here’s how to create a WhatsApp poll

Step 1: Update WhatsApp to the latest version

Step 2: Open the private or group chat where you want to create a poll

Step 3: For Android, tap the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen. For iOS, select the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select Poll.

Step 5. Enter the question you want to ask and answer options.

Step 6: Finally, click Submit to share the survey.

For each survey, recipients can be offered up to twelve response options, and there is no time limit. Users can also see answers selected by others by clicking View Votes.

Meta’s messaging app has been working on several updates recently, introducing new tools including the Call Link feature, the ability to send messages to yourself, and Companion Mode. While some of these new features are not yet available to all users, WhatsApp plans to make them available to everyone in the coming days. The most recent and discussed feature, aside from WhatsApp polls, is Communities. This allows users to have separate groups within the same “Community” to organize large conversations.

“Through communities, we aim to raise the bar for how organizations communicate with a level of privacy and security not found anywhere else. The alternatives available today require apps or software companies to trust copies of their messages, and we think they deserve the higher level of security provided by end-to-end encryption,” the WhatsApp blog post says.

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