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What are the new features in iPhone 14? Conclusions from the event on September 7th.

The wait is over! The new iPhone is here, Apple held an online event on September 7 where they announced three new Apple devices and their detailed specs. The devices announced were the Apple Airpod Pro 2, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus and Apple Watch. All devices have many upgrades compared to their previous available versions. But does the new iPhone 14 have any updates? In this article, we will answer these questions.

Is there an iPhone 14 processor update?

Apple’s latest chipset, the A15 Bionic, is found in the iPhone 14 version, which was previously only used in some versions of the iPhone 13. The processor has a 5-core GPU that will run 18% faster than all older iPhones and provide optimal security, power efficiency and privacy. iPhone 14 is equipped with a 6-core processor, consisting of 4 high intensity units and 2 normal performance units.

iPhone 14 only works with e-Sims in America?

iPhone 14 models that are manufactured and sold in America only have the E-sim option. Apple has backed it up, saying it’s safe and for privacy, but users are outraged by the decision as Americans will have to change their phones if they have to travel to a place where there’s no E-sim network.

What are the dimensions of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus?

Apple thought about increasing the size of the iPhone for a long time (* the good old iPhone 8 times) and decided to release the iPhone 14 Plus in 6.7 inches. While the regular iPhone 14 is still only 6.1 inches, it’s pretty close to the standard iPhone size.

Internal design

Can an iPhone last longer than older ones?

Apple claims they want their iPhone to last longer and have a longer lifespan than any other phone, and they’ve taken every possible step to make that possible.

ceramic glass

The iPhone 14 screen consists of ceramic glass and Apple claims it is “the most durable screen of any smartphone.” It’s a big statement, but Apple’s credibility and reputation make me believe it.

Aerospace aluminum

iPhone 14 has Aerospace aluminum the alloy used in it and it is, as the name suggests, used in aerospace equipment and is unlikely to break or be damaged unless deliberately attempted to do so.

Dustproof and waterproof

iPhone 14 has stricter dust and water resistance measures that can protect your phone from any kind of weather and withstand even the tiniest of storms or rain.

Internal design

Apple has improved the internal design of the iPhone 14 and updated Thermal performance. This means that the device will not get hot if you use it for intense gaming or other tasks.

Does the iPhone 14 have a better camera?

The iPhone 14 has a 12-megapixel main sensor as mentioned in the event, and the 48-megapixel camera rumors turned out to be false. Overall performance has improved significantly (*according to Apple). The low light sensor has improved by 49% over previous iPhones, allowing you to capture even low-light and indoor shots with great results. The exposure time in night mode has also been reduced by 2 times, and it would take much less time to shoot in the dark.

Action mode:

Apple has added a new video camera mode called Action modewhich allows you to capture video during intense movement, such as when running, bungee jumping off a cliff, etc. Apple explains this new feature as;

The new Action mode delivers incredibly smooth video that accommodates significant shaking, movement and vibration, even when the video is being filmed in the middle of the action.”

Does the iPhone 14 have an improved battery?

The iPhone 14 will last all day on battery, and all iPhone 14 variants come with a permanent iPhone battery. This was the first time, as before, the best features of all time were offered only in “Pro Max” options. iPhone 14 and iPhone.

Does the iPhone 14 have a crash detection feature?

The iPhone 14 has a glitch detection feature, and when combined with the Apple Watch, it can be very effective and save lives. If a serious malfunction is detected, the Apple Watch will display the emergency call interface, as it may be near the victim.

Does the iPhone have the ability to send emergency satellite messages?

The iPhone 14 has another new feature called Emergency SOS that allows users to connect to anyone in case of an emergency when they are in a remote area where there is no Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. The user can also share their location via satellites with any agencies or institutions that can help them in their situations.

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