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What are iOS Photo Styles? iPhone Camera Presets Explained

If you’ve used an Android or iPhone prior to the iPhone 13, you may not be familiar with the Apple Photographic Styles feature. Here’s everything you need to know about mobile photography setup.

Read on to learn all about photographic styles, including what they are, what presets are available, and where to find them.

What are iOS Photo Styles?

Photographic Styles is a feature of the iOS camera that lets you choose from several presets that vary in warmth, contrast, brightness, and brightness. You can then use the slider to adjust these qualities to suit your preferred photography style, eliminating the need to edit or apply a filter after you’ve finished taking a photo.

However, unlike a filter, you won’t be able to remove the settings after you take a photo.

Once you choose a photo style, your phone will apply these settings to the camera every time you take a photo in Photo mode (although you can continue to adjust them directly in the camera).

What photo styles are available?

There are four Photographic Style gifts to choose from: Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm and Cool. However, you can customize each one to suit your style by fine-tuning the tone and warmth values ​​to your preference.

Here’s how Apple describes each of its stylish gifts:

  • Rich Contrast – “Darker shadows, richer colors, and stronger contrast create an impactful look.”
  • Vibrant – “Wonderfully bright and vibrant colors create a brilliant yet natural look.”
  • Warm – “Gold tint creates a warmer look.”
  • Cool – “Blue shades create a cooler look.”
Apple Photographic Styles

We found the photographic styles to be a welcome addition to the iPhone 13 series.

“These photo styles provide a bit more control over the look of your photo,” editor Max Parker wrote in our iPhone 13 Pro review.

“In the Vibrant style, colors and saturation are improved, as in the flagships of the Galaxy S-series. The High Contrast option increases dynamic range, producing striking results that aren’t too dissimilar to Google Pixel results. Finally, there’s “Warm” and “Cool,” both of which do pretty much what they say on the tin.”

Where to find them?

Photo Styles are available on all four iPhone 13 models, including iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max, as well as iPhone SE (2022). It will also supposedly be compatible with the iPhone 14.

You can access the presets by diving into the Camera app and tapping the up icon and then the Photo Styles icon. You can also go directly to your iPhone’s camera settings.

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